New video from NINE BEATS Collective – Call ‘Em Out (Euro Remix) featuring Eric Leroy Wilson! Great new mix of this big tune from the album, Nine Beats to the Bar.

Call ‘Em Out (Euro Remix) – NINE BEATS Collective ft. Eric Leroy WIlson
Performed by Eric Leroy Wilson
Music: Tony Bean
Lyrics: Eric Leroy Wilson
℗ & © 2017 Lifewords Licensed to Plankton Records (UK), M.A.R.S. Worldwide Music (Europe), & Discover Music (USA)

Filmed by – Steve Bassett, Kris Calver, Tim Dendy, Luke Furmage, and Rey Kroona
Edited by – Kris Calver Filmed on location at the 100 Club, Greenbelt, RJJZ Jazz Café Bar, and in the studio in the UK and US