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Denver-based artist Heatherlyn returns with a new EP from the NINE BEATS Collective stable, ‘Dance of the deep’ – a haunting collection of songs to provide soul medicine for these heavy times.…


KOSI (All Star remix) - Video Out Now

New video from NINE BEATS Collective – ‘KOSI’ is a much anticipated project for East Africa. Fronted by NINE BEATS Collective member Ambassada, The ‘Kosi All Stars’ track and video is a…


NINE BEATS Collective featuring Ambassada Music: Tony Bean | Lyrics: Ambassada | Duration: 3 mins 56 secs Original song 'Kosi' from the album Nine Beats to the Bar by NINE BEATS Collective

Wild World (Euro remix) - NINE BEATS Collective ft. Barry Taylor

New video from NINE BEATS Collective - 'Wild World' Euro remix featuring Barry Taylor! Great new mix of this big tune from the album, Nine Beats to the Bar.

There is a new way to be human

What could it mean to be a peacemaker in a world that’s specialising in chaos? There is a new way to be human - the beatitudes invite us into that possibility and all are welcome. *This film contains flashing images.