The way of trust


The way of lament


The way of humility


The way of justice


The way of compassion

right motive

The way of right motive


The way of peacemaking


The way of surrender

radical love

The way of radical love

The Ninefold Path

Welcome to the Ninefold Path, an experiential journey through the ancient wisdom of the beatitudes.

The signs of haunting are all around us. Conflict ranges between groups and nations. The gap widens between the poor and the rich. The system is broken, and we are that system. If we want change, it will have to begin with us - with our hearts and minds, our actions and our voices.

A growing number of us have begun to wonder if the beatitudes might contain the keys to our liberation. These ancient sayings, spoken by Jesus, offer a nine statement manifesto for a new world order. They invite us into a new way of life, on to a path of recovery.

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Learning Lab

The Learning Lab

The Ninefold Path is not an intellectual exercise – it is a way to be lived, a path to be walked. Already groups of people have gathered in the UK, the US, Australia, and online to explore this path together – using the Ninefold Path invitations, and adopting three practices for each beat.

Created by Collective member Mark Scandrette, the Learning Lab format is really simple: get together with a small group of others; use the Ninefold Path notebook or films to reflect on one of the nine beats; agree to put that beat into practice through some intentional practices, for at least a week; reflect back together on your experience.

“The combination of group and individual practice … has been a transformative experience for our community of faith.” – Rev Vince Anderson, Citylights Community, NYC

We have found these practices to be liberating – helping us to experiment, take risks, and try on new ways of thinking and doing. These NINE BEATS speak to us about empire and power, and how we might really change the world. They whisper to us about our inner selves and our daily habits. They invite us to a way of trust, lament, humility, justice, compassion, right motive, peace-making, surrender, and radical love. Check out the Learning Lab Guide, the Notebook, and the Ninefold Path films to get started.

“There’s a longing inside of us for another world, something better than what’s here right now … the beatitudes invite us in to that possibility and say there is a new way to be human, another world is possible.” – Mark Scandrette

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