We are so excited to announce the release of KOSI – a new, much anticipated NINE BEATS offering in East Africa. KOSI is fronted by Nine Beats Collective member, Ambassada. The anthemic music track is an ‘all star’ remix collaboration aimed at empowering and motivating a new generation of African teens and youth to build a better future. It’s the beatitudes in action, and everyone’s included. Ambassada and a group of incredible, high-profile Ugandan and Kenyan artists have re-visited and recorded a new interpretation of Ambassada’s song ‘KOSI’, the original version of which (co-written with NINE BEATS producer, UK’s Tony Bean) features on the Nine Beats Collective ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’ album. Now, it’s remixed with an authentic East African vibe, and its already making waves.

“NINE BEATS is all about listening to authentic voices and creativity, it’s part of the vision”, says NINE BEATS creator Steve Bassett; “I’m so thrilled that we’ve worked with Ambassada to spark this unique collaboration, mixing the voice and the music culture of East Africa with the cry and hope of the beatitudes. This one speaks with a voice that will echo round the region, and even beyond.”

KOSI features some of the biggest artists from Uganda and Kenya, including: King of the East aka Eddy Kenzo, Young King aka Arrow Bwoy, Gun Dada aka Beenie Gunter Ugandan, Property aka Nina Roz, Mr Bwayaga aka Jabidii, Madam Vixen aka Wambui Katee , Dancehall Solution aka Dufla and the Unbelievable Ghetto Kids.

For Ambassada, the song comes from the heart: “KOSI is Zulu for ‘cry’. I wrote this sound courtesy of what I went through during my childhood. It’s a song that I wanted everyone else out there to feel and to relate with, because it’s not only me who has gone through this. I believe this song is going to speak out, it’s going to impact a generation out there, worldwide.”

The track is soon to be available on the usual digital platforms, and the awesome official video will be released soon, stay tuned and keep it #KOSI #9beats !



Music: Tony Bean
Lyrics: Ambassada
Duration: 3 mins 56 secs


Original song ‘Kosi’ taken from the album NINE BEATS TO THE BAR by NINE BEATS Collective. Available on CD, download, & heavyweight 180gsm digitally mastered double vinyl LP from 9beats.org and download on all digital platforms.

An eclectic soundscape of R&B, soul, rock/pop, acoustic threads, classical, jazz/funk, African vibes, and a hint of gospel. NINE BEATS is a collaboration of world class musicians, artists, and songwriters exploring the ancient wisdom of THE BEATITUDES.