Knee deep in it
Blood, sweat and tears with it
Whatever it cost, I’ll pay it
Whatever you command I’ll say it

I need a faith deeper than
Pews and candlesticks and A and B selections
Church determined by who’s not or is rejected
Faith fights based on who wins or loses elections
Lord please free me from this entitlement infection

Up to my neck in it
Christ is my master and I’m here to represent it
Where he leads me I’m bound to follow
Pay the cost, all is lost, till I’m found spent and hollow
Emptied out waiting for His Spirit to fill
Whether it comes or not I’m down for the deal
Where He leads me I will follow
Care less about the consequences
Freed and redeemed from former incidences
Out of sheer gratitude charge forward with faith and bravery
Eyes open, heart focused, it’s all about the God in me

Immersed in it
Everything I do Christ is in it
The pain and the poetry
Homeless man knowin’ me
Not about sympathy
But somethin’ God is showin’ me
Hard times and heartaches, promises and patience
Light breaking out in all the darkest places
First world location but third world economy
Gutter grace, and harmony, God’s power in front of me
Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of fear
Sideline conspiracy ain’t nobody hearin’ me
Waiting in the background while soldiers march aggressively
Weak-willed timidity not shinin’ impressively
God gettin’ the leftovers while He demands the best of me

I long for the day that a generation will rise
With street corner prophets and hood thick theology
Immersion, high callin’, good thoughts and big dreams
Faith made of the substance of things unseen
Go farther
Than the goals of a generation long past
Go farther
Than the politics that money can amass
Go farther
Than church walls and caution
Stain glass and pie auctions
Get knee deep
Neck high
Drowned and baptized in ministry
That makes God step back and say
Do you know what you just did for me?

Or at the very least hear the whisper of God saying,
“Go farther”